Apostle email: kingdomawe@cox.net
Apostle Sally founded Apostolic Worship Embassy International, which is located in Tulsa, OK. She travels; ministering and demonstrating the heart and mind of Christ as she is used to set people free from the bondage of sin, and introduce them to a new intimacy with God. She has worked in ministry for over 40 years and has had a rich experience in preaching (including pastoring), seminar training, prayer training, leadership training, worship leading, songwriting and recording. She presently hosts a city wide monthly “Night of Worship” in Tulsa as well as travelling across the U.S. and Bermuda teaching and preaching.
In 2002 she recorded her first CD “Thundering Praise and Worship.” This was followed by her second, “Apple of My Eye” in 2007. Her latest Single CD was just released in July 2013 “Give God What He Wants.” She is also lead psalmist on several praise and worship CD’s and has assisted in producing her husband’s first CD in 2011 “Mindful of the Kingdom.
In the same year as her first recording, Apostle Chaney and her husband Keith began a church in Tulsa named “The Household of Gethsemane Church,” which later became known as “Destiny Worship Embassy Intl.” With an apostolic and prophetic thrust, they focused on assisting those with five-fold ministry callings to come forth and be sent out to do the work of the ministry. Her work gradually expanded to serving in other capacities, like operating as a consultant to churches desiring excellence, and writing her first book. In 2011, the church merged with New Creation Worship Assembly led by Dr. Paula Price, where she serves as an apostle.
Destiny Worship Embassy became Apostolic Worship Embassy, a traveling embassy ministry and an institute for training musicians, psalmists, and dancers in apostolic worship. Apostle Chaney also actively promotes the Lord’s widespread shift to apostleship by serving as secretary of the New Era Apostleship Restitution Council founded by Dr. Price, where she has been a member since 2009.
God has raised her up to be an utterance of His voice for this hour as she ministers under a powerful apostolic and prophetic mantle along with a healing anointing. Her ministry has crossed denominational lines in building relationships that enable church leaders to walk in both purity and power. Her passion is to equip and empower others to live a lifestyle of intimacy with God that fuels destinies and advances the Kingdom of God.
The present move of God has brought her into a deeper understanding of the phrase, “on earth as it is in Heaven.” Heaven is the model for their life and ministry. She lives to worship Him with every ounce of her being. One of the greatest desires of her heart is to see God’s Kingdom and Power manifest for people to be set free, healed and radically changed as they encounter God.
She believes in this accelerated hour in which we live, that God is raising up a remnant of passionate Believers who truly do recognize that “the same power and authority that raised Jesus from the dead lives in them”, and that it will be this remnant that goes forth; equipped and empowered for victory, advancing the Kingdom and bringing in the incredible last days harvest. She loves to help people see life as an adventure; to take on a paradigm in which we view life the way God has always intended for us, a life full of purpose and destiny.
Apostle Sally Chaney has a wonderful husband, Pastor Keith Chaney and they have four children collectively.