Vision Statement
Apostolic Worship Embassy International
An outreach of Rising to the Top Ministry
The Vision is to provide Global establishment of apostolic and prophetic worship within the Body of Christ.
• To be a travelling embassy ministry
• To provide an A.W. E. Worship Institute for training.
• To teach every musician, psalmist, and dancer to understand and willingly embrace God’s higher purpose for them as influencers in His Kingdom by living, playing and singing as skilled, passionate, humble, Spirit-led arrows in His Hand.
• To maintain Excellence as our goal and Righteousness as our Standard
To be a forerunner of God’s apostolic move to prepare His people to shift through worship and song. Our Worship is spontaneous in nature. We use worship songs to raise up a standard and to build a throne for the Lord Jesus to inhabit to come and take his place as Lord of all. Ps.22:3. God’s desire is to restore true Priestly worship so that His Glory will fill our ministries.
To be a key piece of the plan to reinstate apostolic and prophetic leadership in the Church by converting those ordained to it to Apostolic Christianity.
To release the sound of apostleship in worship and train others to do the same. We are commissioned to go place to place establishing Apostolic Worship Centers throughout the Body of Christ.
Foundational Scriptures: Psalm 33:8 and Hebrews 12:28-29