OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAs the founder of Apostolic Worship Embassy (AWE), an international worship training institute, I am dedicated to equipping Gods next generation of apostolic voices of worship. As an apostle, I have been ushering people into God’s presence for over 20 years and specializing in raising up vessels of transformative worship.

Transformative worship is an experience that goes beyond the mere expressive acts of common worship and transforms worshippers from voices crying out in song to conduits of God’s power, anointing, and glory. As a worship embassy we have a three-fold apostolic charge:

  • Manifest God’s Presence
  • Release God’s Power
  • Transform God’s People

We accomplish this charge through empowering worship teams to transform their worship experience from ritual to radical.

Our approach is a biblical, unconventional, and catalytic face to face encounter with the risen Lord. As apostolic worshippers, these are the key elements of our service to God. As His ministers, it is our purpose to open His realms of thronal governmental worship to His people.

When this is achieved, God can touch the lives of His sons and daughters in a way that exceeds songs, sounds, music, and agendas. It is truly transformative and this is what AWE wants to bring to your ministry.

Enjoy this experience first-hand by reserving AWE for your next conference or event. Your ministry can also request to participate in our “Transformative Worship Tour.” We offer to train and fortify your worship team through a potent one-day seminar that concludes with an explosive Tribute to the King. Participants will receive quality training, resources and personal ministry.

We pray we can put you on our calendar during this year and be a blessing to your house. If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Tracy Malone will be your point of contact to help you get started. For further questions, please feel free to give us a call:








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